Teaching People how to cook for a Candida Diet and Beyond!

Here you'll find recipes, cookbooks, meal plans and online cooking courses that make cooking for specialty diets easy and delicious.

Cooking for Candida - an Online Cooking Course


Learn everything you need to know to cook for a Candida Diet! Learning to cook is one of the biggest investments you...

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Digital Candida Cookbook | Everyday Recipes For Your Candida Diet

$12.99 USD

Ready To Combat Your Candida From The Inside Out? Here I've put together my most popular, flavorful, and...

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One Week Candida Diet Meal Plan

$9.99 USD

If you've recently started a Candida diet, then this Candida Diet Meal Plan is for you! One week's worth of menu plan...

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One Week Vegan and Gluten Free Meal Plan

$9.99 USD

If you've recently gone Vegan and/or Gluten-Free then this Meal Plan is for you! One week's worth of menu planning, i...

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7-Day Clean Eating Reset

$9.99 USD

Need A Healthy Jumpstart? I've Got Your Back!Enjoy healthy, delicious meals that have been carefully created wit...

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