One Week Vegan and Gluten Free Meal Plan

If you've recently gone Vegan and/or Gluten-Free then this Meal Plan is for you! One week's worth of menu planning, including mouth watering recipes and grocery lists.


19 recipes including beverages, breakfast dishes, entrées, soups, salads, desserts, and snacks!

Vibrant, color photos for all 19 recipes

All recipes are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-free and Refined Sugar-Free.

2 detailed grocery lists that specify what ingredients to buy, how much to get, and when to purchase to ensure quality and freshness.

A menu plan for the entire week that maps out all the meals for you, each and every day

This menu plan downloads as a PDF for you to print out or store on your computer or other devices


-Each meal is used twice throughout meal plan

-The portion sizes for each recipe will yield all the servings you will need for the entire week. This cuts the cooking and preparation time in half! Example: Make the Red Quinoa Taco Salad Recipe for Tuesday's lunch and you will have enough servings to enjoy it again for Thursday’s lunch. (The only exception is the Glowing Green Smoothie which should be made fresh each time.)



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