Our Story

Originally from California, in 2021 we moved our family across the country to MA.

While in California, we purchased all of our filtered water (both purified and alkaline) from water filling stores. We go through lots of water each week, between our personal consumption, cooking and our dog, Rex, we go through 10 or more gallons each week. Water stores are a healthy, convenient, cost-effective and eco-friendly way to get drinking water.

Naturally, once we arrived in Massachusetts, locating the nearest water filling store was one of the first things we did. We were surprised to find out that there were no such stores out here. After asking around, it seemed like the majority of people buy their water 1 gallon at a time, piling the empties in their recycling bins each week. And that’s what we started doing too.

Each week we would go to the nearest Target, Shaws or Market Basket and stock up on 6 – 8 gallons of water, sometimes hitting a store twice in one week. And just like everyone else, our recycle bin started filling up astonishingly fast. 

We don’t like buying single use plastic bottles for several reasons. The plastic leeching really concerns us in addition to it being incredibly wasteful. We also got used to consuming Alkaline water and really enjoy the health benefits of that. 

At some point, we realized we needed to bring this concept to the East Coast and that’s how Fresh Water Daily was born!!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our community with clean, affordable and eco-friendly drinking water while inspiring health and wellness through information, products and consumables.

We are proud to be a family owned and operated business and take great pride in being parents to our daughter, Sena and our dog, Rex.

Matthew Williams

 Matt is a former Operations Manager for a national restaurant/bar who dedicated 14 years in the food and beverage industry before becoming a Life Coach as well as Manager for a national gym. A passion of Matt's is helping others live a fulfilling life. 



Alison Williams

Alison is a trained natural foods chef who ran a personal chef and coaching business for specialty diets in Los Angeles, CA for 10 years. One of Alison's biggest passions in life is helping others achieve health and wellness. 

Our Vision

To inspire health and reduce waste across the country through water filling stores that are affordable and convenient.


We Believe Everyone Deserves Truly Clean Drinking Water!